Women’s education and visionary leadership are the best hope for Southeast Asia's future

Many qualified young women from rural areas can't pursue
higher education, as there is no university housing

Harpswell women are chosen for their intelligence, ambition, and leadership potential

Harpswell alumnae are advancing quickly in their careers and public life

In Cambodia, for example, we provide a safe, supportive home and and a curriculum
focused on critical thinking and leadership training for exceptional young university women

Harpswell students enjoy cultural exploration, community, and friendship

Harpswell women join a sisterhood of support, guidance, and inspiration

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Cambodian Minister of Women's Affairs Ing Kantha Phavi with Harpswell women

Our ASEAN Program in Women’s Leadership brings together dynamic young
women leaders from all 10 Southeast Asia nations to learn and share together


The Harpswell Foundation’s mission is to equip young women in Southeast Asia with leadership skills, education, and a supportive network.

We envision a new generation of women leaders who create and inspire positive social change.

Facts and Figures:

Harpswell graduates include doctors, lawyers, journalists, pharmacists,  chemists, midwives,  engineers, teachers, professors, government staff, bankers, architects, business entrepreneurs and NGO executives.

of current students are the first generation in their families to attend university
of alumnae received scholarships or went on exchange programs after leaving Harpswell
of graduates work in the public or non-profit sectors, inspiring positive social change
of alumnae feel that Harpswell has helped them become a leader

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