Harpswell ASEAN Program in Women’s Leadership

July 1, 2017: Harpswell-ASEAN Program in Women's Leadership in Partnership with KANITA at Universiti Sains Malaysia is off to a great start! Topics over the past week have included Gender Theory taught by Dr. Noraida Endut, ASEAN and Women's Empowerment with trainer Dr. Chheang Vannarith, Leadership Skills with Professor Madhulika Kaushik, and Critical Thinking [...]

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17 Harpswell students graduate!

June 25, 2017: 17 Harpswell women celebrated their graduation from the program with a morning of speeches, music, laughter and tears. Harpswell Alumnae Association members came to support their younger sisters and welcome them to their ranks. Thanks to the parents who joined the celebration and have shared their magnificent daughters with us, [...]

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Kim Sokngim graduates from the University of Georgia College of Engineering

May 5, 2017: Harpswell alumna (Class of 2012) Kim Sokngim graduated with a BS cum laude in Civil Engineering from the University of Georgia yesterday. Sokngim will work for the international engineering firm AECOM on their road and bridge projects, starting out in the Atlanta office. Following the graduation, there was a party hosted by Catherine [...]

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Lowell, MA Event

April 29, 2017: Enterprise Bank hosted an event for the Harpswell Foundation in Lowell, MA. Speakers included Founder Alan Lightman, Alumna Malin Ieng, Alumna Sereyrath Ly, former LR and US Fellows Coordinator Maggie Doyle, along with Congresswoman Niki Tsongas (D-MA), Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at UMass Lowell, Michael Tith, and President of Middlesex [...]

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Alumnae House

Harpswell has just opened a new Alumnae House as part of an Alumnae Resources Program. The House will be available to host first year graduates, and will also be used as a gathering place for all alumnae and alumnae programs. Harpswell Alumna Rada Chhorn (2012) is our new Alumnae Resource Coordinator, working with [...]

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ASEAN Summer Leadership Program

March 27, 2017:  We are thrilled to announce Harpswell's new Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summer Leadership Program, in partnership with with the Center for Research on Women and Gender (KANITA) at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang, Malaysia. The 2-week Leadership Program will pilot during the summer 2017 with young [...]

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New Advisory Board Member

March 2017: Harpswell is excited to welcome a new Advisory Board Member, Jordan Sachs. Jordan has been a stalwart supporter, advocate and advisor to Harpswell, and has made annual visits to the Harpswell dormitories many times over the past decade. For Jordan’s bio, please click here. (link to his bio on Advisory Board page) [...]

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New Trustee Anouncement

March 2017: Harpswell is thrilled to welcome our newest Trustee, Katja Nelson. Katja is a graduate of Occidental College (2010) and recently spent the year traveling around the world. During her travels, she visited the Harpswell Foundation and gave a Leadership Seminar on using social media for professional development. Katja previously worked as [...]

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New Staff Announcement

March 2017: Harpswell is thrilled to announce that we have hired a new Country Director, Moul Samneang. Samneang has twenty years of experience at the Asia Foundation in Cambodia working on the implementation, management, and design of programs related to women’s advancement. She has a Masters in Development Management from the Asian Institute [...]

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Mayoral Proclamation

February, 2014: We had a second event of Memphis Cambodia (see full description below) on February 8, during which Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell named February 8, 2014 as Memphis Cambodia Day in Memphis and Shelby County and delivered an official Mayoral Proclamationto our two Harpswell graduates in Memphis, Lina and Bormey. The Proclamation [...]

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