New Trustee Anouncement

March 2017: Harpswell is thrilled to welcome our newest Trustee, Katja Nelson. Katja is a graduate of Occidental College (2010) and recently spent the year traveling around the world. During her travels, she visited the Harpswell Foundation and gave a Leadership Seminar on using social media for professional development. Katja previously worked as [...]

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New Staff Announcement

March 2017: Harpswell is thrilled to announce that we have hired a new Country Director, Moul Samneang. Samneang has twenty years of experience at the Asia Foundation in Cambodia working on the implementation, management, and design of programs related to women’s advancement. She has a Masters in Development Management from the Asian Institute [...]

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Mayoral Proclamation

February, 2014: We had a second event of Memphis Cambodia (see full description below) on February 8, during which Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell named February 8, 2014 as Memphis Cambodia Day in Memphis and Shelby County and delivered an official Mayoral Proclamationto our two Harpswell graduates in Memphis, Lina and Bormey. The Proclamation [...]

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Women in Public Service Award to Harpswell

August 2014: Three Harpswell graduates, Yang Leaphea (Harpswell 2011, Top Left), Kith Marady (Harpswell 2010, Bottom Left), and Khan Sophy (Harpswell 2010, Bottom Right) have just been awarded the Marissa Wesely Women in Public Service Project Award for Excellence in Women's Leadership. This award "recognizes inspiring dedication to civic leadership and demonstrated commitment to public [...]

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Alumnae Day

On January 21, Harpswell welcomed more than 30 alumnae and 30 students for Alumnae Day. A class representative from each year gave a short update on their class. Chairman Alan Lightman, Executive Director Alison Pavia, and HAA President Vatey Srun Kea gave speeches. Alumnae and students played games to get to know each other better, followed by break out sections [...]

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Parent’s Day

February 28, 2017: More than 200 parents, grandparents, siblings, and alumnae gathered for Harpswell Parents Day this past weekend. Visitors were greeted with traditional Apsara dancing performed by students. Speeches were given by Founder Alan Lightman, Executive Director Alison Pavia, and four Harpswell class representatives. Families enjoyed a glimpse into Harpswell life and curriculum with a [...]

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Summer Institute

In August 2014, Harpswell partnered with the Women in Public Service Project of the Global Women's Leadership Initiative and with Pannasastra University of Cambodia to host a two-week Institute for the period 17 August to 30 August 2014. The classes of the Institute involved lectures and workshops in critical thinking, leadership, and public [...]

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Ambassador William Todd

Ambassador William Todd praises Harpswell Foundation On the occasion of International Women's Day in March 2015, American Ambassador to Cambodia William Todd talks about the Harpswell Foundation in his official blog: Click here to read full text

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American Ambassador Visits Harpswell

We are delighted to receive a visit from our new American Ambassador to Cambodia, William Heidt on International Day of the Girl. This is what the Ambassador said about Harpswell, "Harpswell Foundation is a U.S.-based NGO that offers talented young women from the provinces an opportunity to help themselves and their community by [...]

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New Students Day

October 30, 2016:  Harpswell welcomed ten new students and their families for New Student Day! Our new students come from ten different provinces and are interested in law, architecture, engineering, psychology and international affairs. As part of our New Music Program started by Leadership Resident Jocelyn Labombarde, students played the piano, violin, guitar [...]

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