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Leadership Residents

In May 2007, we instituted a leadership residency. This volunteer position is awarded to non-Cambodian young women in their mid twenties and older who have had broad international and cultural experiences that they can share with our students. The "leadership residents" should be strong women who can serve as role models. They will typically come and live in one of our two facilities for periods ranging from three to five months, teaching some of our in-house classes and engaging the students in some project. All leadership residents teach in our classrooms about 6 hours per week. Much of the curriculum is aimed at developing critical thinking skills and includes creative and analytical writing, debate, Southeast Asian geography, workshop analyses of national and international news, job skills, and nutrition and health. In addition to the classroom hours, leadership residents spend considerable time with our students in one-on-one mentoring. Other opportunities for leadership residents include organizing conferences and programs, helping develop our library, and helping to form contacts with other organizations in and outside Cambodia that might provide jobs for our students. Leadership Residents play a major role in helping to shape our students, who in turn will shape their country.

Harpswell pays room and board and a small monthly stipend to leadership residents.

Women interested in a leadership residency should send a letter of interest and resume to Mira Weisenthal, Director of the Harpswell Leadership Residency program, at mira@harpswellfoundation.org.

To see a list of our past and present Leadership Residents, CLICK HERE.

Maggie Doyle, a Leadership Resident in 2009, sharing a meal with students in the Boeng Trabaek Dormitory and Leadership Center.

Genevieve Kelly, Leadership Rresident for January to July 2012. One of our most outstanding leadership residents, Genevieve introduced a number of innovative activities to our dormitories. She is shown here visiting the Harpswell school in Tramung Chrum.

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