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Photo Gallery

Red dirt road to Tramung Chrum

Main street in Tramung Chrum

A house in Tramung Chrum

// photos of Tramung Chrum

Inauguration of school in Tramung Chrum, June 27, 2005

Classrom of the new school at Tramung Chrum

Teachers of the new school

Cham women in front of new school

Two girls of Tramung Chrum

Elyse Lightman and Li Som

Alan with Son, oldest man of Tramung Chrum

Leb Sim, religious leader of Tramung Chrum

Leb Krem, village chief of Tramung Chrum

// photos of dormitory and residents

Monks bless groundbreaking for dormitory

Mission statement of dorm and leadership center

Apsara window of dormitory

Bedroom of the dormitory

Office door of the dormitory

Inauguration Day of Dormitory, 12/23/06

Parent's Visiting Day at Dormitory

Raksmey, dorm captain, at the computer

Making cookies in the dorm

Drawing lessons at the dorm

Visit to Angkor Wat, May 2008

Hok surveys site of proposed second dorm, December 2008

New dorm, May 24, 2009

Temple ruins, May 2009

Chakrya and Neary

On road to Phnom Tamao Zoo, May 2009

On road to Phnom Tamao Zoo, May 2009

Teuk Thla dorm at night

Washing Hair at Sihanoukville

Sokeang and Vutha

Harpswell on the beach

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