February 28, 2019: Last Sunday, Harpswell students enjoyed a busy day of music, team-building, and learning.

The morning began with a performance by Harpeth Rising, a trio of classically-trained female musicians from the US. “Unapologetic genre-benders” Maria Di Meglio, Michelle Younger and Jordana Greenberg write and perform a blend of folk, newgrass, rock and classical music. They each shared their personal journeys and explained the process behind writing music. Students loved the music, commenting that it had “so many different tastes in it.”

Following the performance, students broke out into groups for team-building activities. Team Leaders organized games which aimed to strengthen relationships between students from the TT and BT dorms.

In the afternoon, students attended a leadership seminar led by Ms. Sime Somanith, a human resources representative from Brown Coffee. She spoke about the success of the company, which was founded in 2009 by young Cambodian entrepreneurs, and shared the core values of the organization. She also spoke about the path to self-fulfillment, reminding students not to compare themselves to others and to celebrate personal accomplishments. Reflecting on Ms. Somanith’s seminar, one student said “we have learned that self-fulfillment is the ability to make yourself happy and complete through our own experience and efforts.”