Team Leader Training

September 16, 2018: On Sunday, Harpswell Team Leaders met with the Harpswell management team for an afternoon of training. The Team Leaders, typically third or fourth-year students, are elected by their peers or chosen by the staff. They serve as liaisons between the Harpswell students and staff and help to run the dorms, assisting with [...]

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Leadership and Literacy Project at Hen Sen Kor High School

August 26, 2018: Harpswell students Mech Thida and Noeun Sony returned to Hun Sen Kor High School in Kampong Cham province to facilitate the high school’s leadership club and deliver books. They spoke to the students about the importance of public speaking and the qualities of strong leaders. Thida and Sony began the leadership and [...]

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A Visit from Brown University

August 23, 2018: On Wednesday, Harpswell welcomed 18 visiting students from Brown University to the Harpswell dorms. The day began with an overview of the Harpswell program, values and curriculum, led by Country Director Moul Samneag, Dorm Managers Suon Raksmey and Din Vutha, and Leadership Residents. Afterwards, Harpswell students and Brown  students broke into small [...]

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Visit to High Schools in Kampong Cham

August 11, 2018:  On Sunday, four Harpswell women traveled to the Kampong Cham province to visit with students at local high schools as part of a “sharing experience”, organized by the Khmer Youth Association. Yut Sreipum and Hen Sreykhea (fourth year Harpswell students) and Net Dalin and Morb Sethmonykoe (third year) met with 60 high [...]

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Public Speaking Competition at BT Dorm

July 23, 2018: On July 23, first-year Harpswell students participated in the first Public Speaking Competition at the BT Dorm. The students have been learning and practicing public speaking skills with third-year student Mech Thida for the past two months. With the knowledge and skills learned in Thida’s class, the students stood proudly and confidently [...]

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ASEAN Program in Women’s Leadership

July 9, 2018: On July 5, we wrapped up the second successful leadership training program at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang in partnership with the Center for Research on Women and Gender (KANITA). The 12-day training, attended by 22 accomplished young women, has doubled in size since last year’s pilot program and has [...]

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Harpswell Students Lead Literacy Initiative

June 2nd, 2018: Harspwell students traveled to the Tonle Katel Secondary School in Kompong Speu Province as part of a Harpswell student-led initiative, Together for a Better Change. They distributed pens, bags and books to the highest-achieving Tonle Katel students in grades 7 - 9. Last fall, after learning that the Tonle Katel school [...]

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Harpswell Featured in Khmer Times 

May 25, 2018: The Harpswell Foundation was profiled in an article by the Khmer Times, featuring interviews with students and staff.  Please be sure to read the article here:

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Harpswell Celebrates New Alumnae House

May 20, 2018: A large group of alumnae, staff and graduating students gathered together for the housewarming of the new and improved Harpswell Alumnae House. After dinner, there was a chance for students and alumnae to mingle and catch up with friends, old and new. The Alumnae House program started in 2017, thanks to a [...]

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