Project Description

Meet Thida Sann – Harpswell Student

“”After graduating, I plan to pursue my Master’s Degree abroad (Europe or the United States). Then I will come back and work on Youth Development and Girls’ Higher Education with an NGO or institution in Cambodia.

“I am very willing to contribute back what I have learned from school and from everyone I have met to my community as much as possible.

“Harpswell has inspired me to dream big and to believe that I have the power to make great changes in the world.”

Studies International Relations at the University of Cambodia, Class of 2017, Province: Svay Rieng

“Without Harpswell, I would end up getting married in my early age, take care of my children and work in rice fields.”

Future Plans

“In the future, I would love to work with International Organizations and represent Cambodia on international stages. More importantly, I want to be a role model for the next generation of young girls in my village to stand up for their dreams, education and what they believe they should do. I hope that what I do will inspire them to find the power in themselves and use that power to make changes and help their dreams come true.”


Harpswell’s Impact

“Harpswell has given me more than what I have expected to get in my entire life; unconditional love, sisterhood, knowledge and what it means by ‘HOME.’ Harpswell helped me find out who I really am and what my potentials are. Through Harpswell, I have met so many amazing sisters and friends and  wonderful people who have inspired me to do what I believe is right and to help others.