July 23, 2018: On July 23, first-year Harpswell students participated in the first Public Speaking Competition at the BT Dorm. The students have been learning and practicing public speaking skills with third-year student Mech Thida for the past two months. With the knowledge and skills learned in Thida’s class, the students stood proudly and confidently to deliver their speeches. The debate topic was “How to Improve the Situation of Women in Cambodia.” Participants were judged by fourth-year students So Sreyneth and Ying Srey Pov, and Leadership Resident, Abby Esther Ferreira. The judges reported that it was very difficult to select winners, as each student spoke so well. Prizes were awarded to Han Sreynich, Chhim Molina, and Yin Kanha, with an honorable mention to all.