November 1, 2018: This past weekend, second-year students participated in debate competitions at both the TT dorm and BT dorm, after completing their core curriculum classes in debate. The teams had one week to prepare research on three debate topics: China’s one-child policy, salaries for expatriates in Cambodia, and social democracy as a form of government.

Leadership Residents Basye Peek and Lauren Coleman served as the judges for the debate, along with Harpswell alumnae Ly Sokanha, Bunhourng Tan, Phok Kimhuoy and Kao Sophea.

The judges reported that all teams demonstrated remarkable improvement in their public speaking and debate skills. Although all teams performed well and it proved difficult for the judges to pick winners, first place was ultimately awarded to the pairing of Chimm Molina and Han Sreynich and Meas Socheata, teamed with Chorn Kaly.